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The Dreams of Envious Sleepers lunaboca 03/01/2004
how not to get lost lunaboca 02/24/2004
what we do with our time lunaboca 02/08/2004
late night ceiling stare song lunaboca 02/06/2004
beat poem fragment 411 lunaboca 01/27/2004
accidental occupations lunaboca 01/23/2004
shadow diving: pornography and addiction lunaboca 01/20/2004
that obscure object: my desire lunaboca 01/20/2004
confession as path to truth lunaboca 01/15/2004
sitting in shadow part 2 lunaboca 01/14/2004
curious and curiouser lunaboca 01/14/2004
sitting in shadow part one lunaboca 01/13/2004
16 minute story lunaboca 01/13/2004
all the way from jericho lunaboca 01/07/2004
resolution, after a fashion lunaboca 01/01/2004
embracing our illusions lunaboca 12/31/2003
the buddha nature of diners lunaboca 12/25/2003
little chicken jesus lunaboca 12/25/2003
fingering things out lunaboca 12/25/2003
winters mudfest lunaboca 12/25/2003
not exactly the rapture lunaboca 12/20/2003
our hero is worried continued lunaboca 12/20/2003
our hero is worried lunaboca 12/20/2003
to everything, there is a season lunaboca 12/19/2003
tiny stories continuing lunaboca 12/19/2003
collaborative christmas story lunaboca 12/19/2003
dreaming in color lunaboca 12/13/2003
SONG OF THE VALLEY lunaboca 12/11/2003
blood sucker lunaboca 12/10/2003
2 dreams and a dialectical lunaboca 12/07/2003
for the ghost who still thinks he belongs to you lunaboca 12/05/2003
Way of Telling lunaboca 12/02/2003
"love is a dog from hell"-- chas bukowski lunaboca 11/28/2003
evening at bernie's--"It's a Budweiser, Budgetel, Bukowski kind of night" lunaboca 11/21/2003
on the other hand... we have a boxing glove. lunaboca 11/19/2003
"if you are possessed by an idea..." a few notes on synchonicity. lunaboca 11/19/2003
in my dreams we are all on the bus lunaboca 11/17/2003
whiskey and yoga redux lunaboca 11/17/2003
bye walter-- back to roots lunaboca 11/06/2003
does anybody really know what time it is? lunaboca 11/04/2003
It's time for your applesauce mr. Walter sir............ lunaboca 11/04/2003
rain and the book of longing lunaboca 11/03/2003
things we forgot we needed lunaboca 11/01/2003
angry veins, cold moon, dog poo lunaboca 10/31/2003
oh. right. walter. lunaboca 10/29/2003
walter walks on lunaboca 10/27/2003
walter walks lunaboca 10/26/2003
lunaboca ends the story lunaboca 10/25/2003
nunsongs lunaboca 10/25/2003
the strange half-lifes of amoebas lunaboca 10/25/2003
i don't understand anything lunaboca 10/25/2003
buckets and hounddogs lunaboca 10/25/2003
why nuns are tired lunaboca 10/25/2003
intro sister mary rose lunaboca 10/25/2003
new collaborative story-- lunaboca 10/24/2003
yoga and whiskey lunaboca 10/24/2003
understanding the why of who we are lunaboca 10/23/2003
station in mind lunaboca 10/22/2003
in new york lunaboca 10/22/2003
cookie visions lunaboca 10/21/2003
the cookie... lunaboca 10/21/2003
the wisdom of multiple gods lunaboca 10/21/2003
answers for the confused lunaboca 10/20/2003
how can you be two places at once when you're really nowhere at all? lunaboca 10/20/2003
evelyn enters ansel's alternate reality lunaboca 10/20/2003
the trouble with parallel universes lunaboca 10/20/2003
In Which Ansel Avoids the Land of Hungry Ghosts, and Finds Lou lunaboca 10/20/2003
In Which Ansel Follows a Mouse and Clicks on Wally the Singing Bass lunaboca 10/19/2003
The KMart Interlude lunaboca 10/19/2003
Chapter Whatever: The Price is Wrong lunaboca 10/19/2003
the airplane's banner lunaboca 10/19/2003
the unignorable brightness of water lunaboca 10/18/2003
The blue note... lunaboca 10/18/2003
The part In which our hero finds himself pondering over the owner of a handlebar lunaboca 10/18/2003
Chapter, or rather Entry, Next. In Which Our Hero is Further Befuddled lunaboca 10/17/2003
Chapter 4 cont, in which our hero does some yoga in the magic mirror lunaboca 10/17/2003
Chapter 4, in which our hero does some yoga lunaboca 10/17/2003
Chapter 3 in which our hero finds the flat below lunaboca 10/17/2003
why i tell the truth lunaboca 10/16/2003
stealing dreams lunaboca 10/16/2003
Chapter 2.01 In which "Fallout" is given a new definition lunaboca 10/16/2003
Chapter II, In Which Our Hero Remains Exactly Where we Found Him lunaboca 10/16/2003
my dangerous and extremely subversive poetic achievements lunaboca 10/15/2003
chapter 1, in which verything begins lunaboca 10/15/2003
strange travels of lunaboca 10/15/2003
between you and me and the wall lunaboca 10/13/2003
cirque du filet lunaboca 10/13/2003
v. bad poem fragment for a monday morning lunaboca 10/13/2003
petit rouge lunaboca 10/09/2003
stories that start at the end lunaboca 10/09/2003
nearly a 10en20 lunaboca 10/09/2003
caught in the middle of the story lunaboca 10/08/2003
the sound glass makes lunaboca 10/06/2003
bad chinese poetry revealed lunaboca 10/06/2003
between lunaboca 10/06/2003
abc's lunaboca 10/03/2003
flo talks back lunaboca 10/03/2003
cliche-touche' lunaboca 10/03/2003
"i've brought you a bic and a tea strainer" she said, pensively. lunaboca 10/02/2003
i have reason to suspect... lunaboca 10/01/2003

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