beat poem fragment 411 

beat poem fragment 411

i have a new genius in my web play/write group-- these were the instructions he gave us for the last game, followed by my offering.

"Looking through some old Egyptian notes from Pyramid texts, I came across:

Utterance #411 (Apparently a Fragment of a Ferryman Text)

... bring this to me, place me ...

So the game is to write a poem with a title that plays off this title, playing on an utterance number, a fragment, a ferryman or some other sense of transportation, and incorporates that one line somehow."

my poem is a direct ripoff of ginsberg-- wait-- let's say a tribute--

Beat Poem Fragment 411

i saw the best ferry men
of my generation
destroyed by bridges,
standing mysteriously clad,
singing in the subway stations
begging for a metro card,
dunderheaded boatmen paddling
upstream without the you know,
saying bring this to me,
place me again in my boat,
let me draw these two
shores together once more.

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