that obscure object: my desire 

that obscure object: my desire

this is a game the surrealists played to pass the time-- one writes 12, or 20 questions-- then has another pick an object, and uses the object to answer the questions.

hal picked "my desire"

these were my answers-- feel free to add yours (although players shouldn't peek first).

> 1. where is the object located?
> east of the sun, west of the moon

> 2. what is the climate of the object?
preturnaturally sunny, with odd bursts of rain
> 3. what is the accent of the object?
tip-of-tongue. roof of mouth. slight, beguiling lisp.
> 4. to whom is the objected indebted?
the florist, with whom she shares her secrets
> 5. what tires the object?
> reason, slathered on without apology

> 6. how does the object sleep?
like a baby-- wakes up every few hours and cries

> 7. for what does the object thirst?
dew collected in the curve of a ginger leaf; barring that, a single
malt is fine.

> 8. what frightens the object?

> 9. who betrayed the object?
the readers who would not believe her

> 10. how does one kill the object?
inattention to detail

> 11. what is the religion of the object?
born-again apologist

> 12. describe a recent sculpture designed by the object.
red, spilled like blood, like wine, but on observation it is velvet,
starched so stiffly as to hold its folds forever.

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